How do I write a good essay?

I've never been good at writing essays...I prefer creative writing, where I can control the flow of words and such. Now my grades are suffering because I can't write essays. What kind of words do I use to get my point across? Should my sentences be longer or shorter and where do I pause? What kind of arguments should I use to support my thesis?

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  1. ashwin says:

    Structure: Should include an introduction and a conclusion, which both clearly outline and support your argument. Aim to start every other paragraph with a topic sentence (short, to sum up the whole paragraph. google it if you’re not sure)Your language should always be formal and your punctuation advanced. Vary your sentence structure and length- think about colons and semi-colons. Write using the P.E.E structure- (Point, Example, Explain.) Here is an explanation of this structure.1. First make a relevant statement or point about the text that helps directly answer the essay question…”What fascinates me about many of Duffy’s poems is the unusual style she uses. It is so different from many other poems I have read on my GCSE course. An example of this is in her poem, ‘Stealing’. Right from the start of the poem she begins in a very ‘unpoetic’ conversational tone:”Be sure that the point made helps to answer the question. Always introduce or explain the point if necessary.2. Next provide a solid as evidence from the text itself to support your point (keep quotations short and put them inside quotation marks – use a new line / paragraph if the quotation must be longer than a few words…”‘The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman.’” Notice that this quotation provides good evidence to support the point made it also has a particular style and use of language worthy of commentary.3. Finally, what your evidence shows. For example, how it affects the reader, why the author might have chosen to use it at this point in this particular text and how it contributes to the whole text. This part of your analysis gains most marks as it allows you to look as deeply into the author’s methods and intentions as your knowledge, powers of insight and time will allow.”This style of writing catches the reader’s attention easily and quickly because it stands out as different. The reader just want to read on – after all, who would steal a snowman? Duffy writes in a style that almost allows the reader to ‘hear’ the young person’s voice. The words Duffy chooses language and the way she structures these two sentences with the second a short ‘minor’ sentence makes the poem look and sound unusual. In class, we heard Duffy say in a video that she likes her poems read aloud, as ‘performance poetry’. This poem is no exception.”

  2. Chinamen says:

    in the interduction paragraph have it telling the general topic of your essay. don’t write a long sentence telling everything in the essay. the arguments to support your thesis depends on what topic of essay youre writing about.for the body paragraphs, all of them, start out with a topic sentence. its kind of like the thesis but the topic sentence tells what you’ll be talking about in that one paragraph. then go into your paragraph and say what that paragraph is the conclusion paragraph you need another type of topic sentence. to just some up what you talked about in your whole essay. it’s like a thesis. and after you have that first sentence, write 3 to 4 sentences supporting that first sentence.make sure your sentences are not ron-on sentinces. but don’t make them so short that it takes you 3 sentences to say the same thing.hope this helps! i have a terrible time with essays too. i like writing more creative writing too. this coming from a person who has the same problem, aha. good luck!

  3. radiative says:

    My teacher always tells me to write “Im going to prove to you…..” on the topof the paper so i don’t get lost in my thoughts. You need to start out with a intro then goon to the thesis ,which is answering the question. Then do 3 main points & describe them in paragraph form.Then go on to the conclusion wrapping up your paper.I-m going to prove to you ….(whatever your going to prove)-Intro,including the thesis-Main point 1 (paragraph form)-Main point 2 (paragraph form)-Main point 3 (paragraph form)-Conclusion

  4. opisthography says:

    Ask your teacher, because on here everyone will tell you something different, same as every year your current teacher will tell you the “right way”. The main thing I know, is when writing a persuasive essay, stay away from using “me” and “I”. And in any essay actually, unless it directly asks for your opinion.

  5. prelimited says:

    essays are the easiest to write:just write professionally. your sentences shouldnt be long enough to be considered a run on, and not short enough that theyre considered a fragment. you always use arguments based on formal essays you never, ever use words like “I”, “me”, “you”, “I think”. basically, you never address the audience and you never reference yourself in any way. you never put your opinion in a formal essay. (there are exceptions, but almost all formal essays rely on fact and evidence, NOT how you feel about it.)your format should be like this:I. IntroductionA. SubjectB. Main PointsC. THESISII. Point OneA. Intro and explanation of pointB. EvidenceC. How point relates to thesisIII. Point TwoA. Intro and explanation of pointB. EvidenceC. How point relates to thesisIV. Point ThreeA. Intro and explanation of pointB. EvidenceC. How point relates to thesisV. ConclusionA. Restate subjectB. Summarize Main PointsC. Restate THESIS (format quoted from [external link] … )i cant remember what its called, but thats the format i was taught throughout high school and it can be applied to anything. love it, embrace it.