How do you write comparative essay about two short fairy tales?

In english we are starting to write an essay on the comparison of two fairt tales (Warlocks Hairy Heart and the Wizard and the Hopping Pot). Can you give me some ideas and maybe an example about how to write one.thanks

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  1. Aglaspis says:

    Hi, James!To jumpstart your thesis, you’ll want to brainstorm (in a list or diagram) the categories in which the stories are similar and/or different. For example, are the main characters similar? In what ways?Is the use of magic similar? How so?After you identify the categories and determine the extent of the similarity/difference, you can craft a thesis. It look something like this:Although both Harry Potter and Beetlebub have teenage protagonists and a focus on justice, the two differ in settings. This thesis would set up an essay with this organization:Intro/thesisDiscussion: How the two are similar–charactersDiscussion: How the two are similar–themeDiscussion: How the two are different–settingConclusionHope this helps! Of course, you may have three similarities or 2 sim/2 diff. It’s up to your prompt, really. MS>K