Help with my statistics homework please ?

my teacher assigned me an essay that is supposed to say three ways statistics is used in the real world. what can my three things be? im a relatively fair writer and all i need is my topic and some facts and i can make something out of nothing, its just i wanted to see what yo guys had in mind for my three things. thanks

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3 Answers to “Help with my statistics homework please ?”

  1. unsafeness says:

    Statistics is used in a variety of fields such as biology, sociology and business.Choose a search engine to find out how it is applied in any of these fields or other fields that you may think of.

  2. sufferings says:

    Used in financial markets. Financial models etc.Used in production plants to see if the defection rate is low. i.e if the machines that make things can’t be making a high number of defective productsUsed by government to make decisions about the population. (pollution, number of smokers, etc.)Hope this helps.

  3. aminate says:

    well statistics mean numbers so just think of how you can use numbers in the “real world”