Hola! I need a catchy Ending to My essay!?

My essay is about the first nations, I have chosen to do the inuit of the artic. I have started my concuding paragraph really well, but i know the last sentence or two has to be the most over powering of the whole essay! and i have no clue what to write! Any ideas? Of course i'll change it up a bit. But any help? Please?p.s my teacher is a perfectionist, so nothing funny. xD

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  1. agoing says:

    Well as soon as you take your Ideas from the internet, there’s something called google, where you teacher takes sentences she thinks are too good for your grade, and bam even if you rephrase it, it still is considered plagiarizing. So as soon as someone gives you an idea, it can be found from google. Try googling something you can copy and paste from here. And rephrase it, and see where it gets you.

  2. suberification says:

    poop smells grrreaaaat ur teacher will like it

  3. Vingolf says:

    ….and because of this, the Intuit nation will become extinct.Ok, at least it’s not funny! You could throw us a bone, and at least let us have a hint as to what the gist of your essay is about! Or maybe even your concluding paragraph…… I’ll check back!

  4. callowness says:

    thats all folks

  5. messiness says:

    I suppose that in your opening, you will tell What you will say.In the body of your essay, you will Say it.As a closing, tell what you have said. – No PA-ZAZ… No “Hollywood-isms.”This is the most effective format.