Pirating music…what do those who are for and against have in common?

OK, well there are people who think it's ok to do it and there are some people who think it's not good and illegal. Although they have different viewpoints, what viewpoints do they have in common? I'm asking this because I'm writing a pro-pirating music essay for English BUT I have to write in the Rogerian format and I need to explain some common ground between them.

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4 Answers to “Pirating music…what do those who are for and against have in common?”

  1. Desmatippus says:

    the fact is that it is bad to do, but then again its so easy and hard to detect people who do do it. it’s hurt the music industry pretty badly and yeahpro pirating music point is that music shouldn’t be a commodity and it’s not to the government to say what we should or sholdnt listen to for money. artists can still generally create revenue by album sales and by touring.

  2. ngarcia says:

    Common ground:They both value moneyThe end.

  3. Mazzinian says:

    They both like music?

  4. ecker says:

    I think its ok. If i like the music ill buy the CD.The Government has NO RIGHT to control that. Unless the artist wants to take them to court for stealing. then they would have to take 10million people to court. lol.