Whats an ideal listener?

I have to do an english essay for AP and it asks:FInd your ideal listener. Then write a letter to that personin which you discuss your reactions to becoming a writer. Include observations you think your listener or reader will enjoy, such as your everyday life as astudent, daydreams, descriptions of teachers, or cafeteria food, or of interesting people you have met.what does that mean? I am so confused... can you please provide an example story of what i shoudl write about?... i really dont understrand...

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2 Answers to “Whats an ideal listener?”

  1. digestible says:

    An ideal listener is someone that cares about you and that will give you the correct feedback in a polite friendly way.

  2. fiercest says:

    What’s not to understand; your going to be talking about yourself. Telling this ‘listener’ in a letter, about you, your day, and your interests, why you want to write, what you want to write about. A paragraph for each question should do it, and it should be all about you. Don’t bother with the usual letter questions of how are you and what are you doing? This is you downloading your thoughts about your day and why you want to write? Should be a breeze, right?