How do I give a good speech?

I am running for club treasurer(there is about 100 people in our club). I've been campaigning through different classes, but election day is Monday(tommorrow) and each candidate has to give a 3-5 minute speech in front of the entire club. I am running against 2 other people, and although I know that votes may be based on popularity I feel that if I have a good speech that I could possibly win.I have written main points on some note cards but I'm worried that maybe I shouldve just written out my speech word for word like an essay. I have virtually no clue on speech writing. Who do I look at when I give the speech?Do you have any tips on how to give an effective speech? I always like to chew gum, but I heard that I cant do that during my speech, but I'll feel nervous if I dont.Thanks very much for reading and helping me out.

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  1. acromia says:

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  2. Dev-Sys says:

    First of all, don’t chew gum — usually when people are nervous they really start chomping down on that gum and you can imagine how that will look. I’d try to start out your speech with a funny joke — it will relax you and the audience will be interested in what you have to say, after having a laugh. Years ago (more than I care to admit), I ran for Secretary of my high school. I am a female and from your picture, I am assuming you are female too. Anyhow, I started my speech with this:There is a tradition at this school that a pretty girl always gets elected Secretary . . . and I think it is time for a change.It got a big laugh, I relaxed, gave my speech, and was elected Secretary. Good luck to you. If you can, post an edit and let us know how it goes.By the way, I’d use the cards with tips on them — that way your speech will sound more “natural” and not memorized. Practice in front of a mirror. When you do look at the audience, sort of look at the middle of the audience, not directly at someone though.

  3. hinojos says:

    Tell them you won’t raise taxes.

  4. moya says:

    okawell one stop try and stop to feel as nervous because it will showto try and get a good Speech look at the people but if that makes you feel worst make out that you are looking at them but just move your eyes along the wall at the back of the room, start practicing now in the mirror of what you are going to say its a bad idea to write it all out because when you are reading it and decide that doesn’t sound rite you are just going to make a mess out of it, practice makes perfect!and for the gum thing wear a long sleeved top and let your fingers lay with the bottom of the sleeves that’s what i do when ii feel nervous :P hope it helped

  5. roche's says:

    What ‘Salvation is at hand’ wrote is very true, but it totally misses the point in your question.Don’t chew gum!Speak to the audience, don’t read to them.Address them not as if you’re standing at a podium on a stage, but rather as if y’all are just standing in a big room at their level.Converse with them.You know the questions they have (at least you SHOULD if you’ve been campaigning and listening). Answer their questions in your speech. These people won’t be judging you, they will be hiring you to represent their interests. They want to know they can trust you; they don’t really care if you present your speech “properly”. (But the gum thing is rude!)