I NEED HELP i have to write a 2 page long essay on john hancock and the declaration of independence DUE 2MAROW?

CAN YOU HELP ME WRITE IT THIS IS ALL I HAVE i mean like websites that talk about JUST john hancock and the declaration of independence this is all ive gotOut of the 56 men to sign the dec. of indep. John hancock was one of them. Being president of the continental congress, and a patriot John hancock was a bold man. He also wasnt afraid to show it neither, with the size of his signture on the dec. of indep. He did it so big becuase he wanted King George lll to see his signature without glasses necssary. Also because he wanted to show the government he was not affraid to break away from enland. Being to sign first was only becuase he was presidnent of congress at the time. G00D?...

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  1. jcostas says:

    Use google and get to work. I’ve written 10+ page papers the day before they are due….it’s not that hard.

  2. stuffys says:

    google away! ask jeeves!yahoo…..but googles your best bet…if all else fails stay home sick tomorrow!