How do I start my essay?

I have to right an essay for the buick achievers scholarship. but i dnt know how i should start it off. essay question: Provide an overall statement of how your community activities and work experiences have positively impacted your community.

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4 Answers to “How do I start my essay?”

  1. sudser says:

    start with question like “have you ever heard about…….? ” or give the definition of scholarship )what it is).Good luck

  2. en-masse says:

    you could maybe start with a quotation that will grab the readers attention…. look for quote online that deals with community service or action?

  3. aleale says:

    “Now here is an essay all about how my life can be flipped turned upside down.And I’d just like to take a minute and sit right there and tell you how my activities have shown that I really care”.

  4. unlevels says:

    Definetely do not start off with a question. Start off your introduction with something that YOU found interesting while learning and this topic. This can be like a statistic, quote, anything.