Persuasive paragraph why communism is better than Capitalism?

Persuasive paragraph why communism is better than capitalism?Please help, i have an essay soon and we have to write a persuasive paragraph about why communism is better than Capitalism. I don't have much idea of what to write so if you could give me a basic paragraph or write a persuasive paragraph for me i would appreciate it SO SO SO much and i'll give you ten points for best answer. also if you could give any background information it would be great. Thank you in advance, i'm just finding it really difficult, xx

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6 Answers to “Persuasive paragraph why communism is better than Capitalism?”

  1. o'brian says:

    F*CK YOU! Im not into control grid city’s for laborers, secret police, government forced abortion, hidden concentration camps, being randomly abducted and having my organs sold on the black market, only having G.M.O. food to eat, and I hate BIG GOVERNMENT! Obstruct your teacher and write a paragraph on the evils of Communism.

  2. inactivating says:

    No matter what you write, you won’t be able to persuade me.

  3. Rafe says:

    You should write a paper on why communism (socialism) is a failed way of running things. Communism is a utopian ideal. Unfortunately we live in a real world, not a utopia.

  4. baniva says:

    I don’t know what teacher wanted you to write an Essay on why Communism is better than Capitalism is a Stupid JERK! OK Some people believe that Communism is better because they can control all the masses with persuasive nudging such as small incentives which will actually make the poor become dependent on the government for life itself. When the masses of people become addictive to the Government programs sooner or later they outnumber the thinking public and you can nudge them to persecute and steal and plunder the Middle Classes because that is the people that stop Communism a work ethic that causes one to think since they work for their money that they are as good as the rulers therefore whomever controlls the Masses contolls the country through dependency. Then they can become powerful Military Country and a small group can control the future.

  5. flurrys says:

    Read important writings about communism by important communists. You will find a ton of reasons why they think it is better than capitalism. Start of with Karl Marx. He started it all, so by reading “The Communist Manifesto”(written by Marx) you will get a good idea of the roots of communism and why people found it so attractive.

  6. cressy says:

    It simple…find a successful communist country and list all of the positive attributes that are better than Capitalism. Your only challenge will be trying to find even one successful communist country. LOL…