What do you think of gun control?

I have to write an essay if I am for or against gun control. Does anyone know how the issue was faced in the Supreme Court just recently? And tell me what you think of gun control overall. Thanks!

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9 Answers to “What do you think of gun control?”

  1. lordolatry says:

    For the best gun control use the two hand grip, and squeeze the trigger,don’t just pull it.

  2. pulverizate says:

    The only people who follow gun control laws are the good, law abiding citizens. Criminals, by definition, do not and will not obey the law. So the government is essentially taking away our right to defend ourselves and ensuring the criminals an easy unarmed victim. Check crime stats for areas that have extreme gun control laws…you may be surprised at what you find. In most cases, crime levels spike the more gun control you have.I think training should be required for carrying a gun, and possibly for owning.

  3. forecastle says:

    Good grief. If there are any more controls put on guns, it would be a pint of your blood required at the time of the sale.There are more than enough gun control laws on the books. What’s needed is no nonsense sentencing guidelines for judges, no plea bargains (deals made) for lesser sentences.When someone commits a crime using a gun, or any weapon in the commission of a crime, that person must face a mandatory jail sentence that has no early release for “good” behavior. The sentence should be no less than 10 years.Sock it to them hard & long, and maybe the idiots who do these things get exactly what they deserve.

  4. courton says:

    It;s only necessary if you live in a high crime area.

  5. teasable says:

    Gun control is hitting your target!

  6. dismayable says:

    The question before the Supreme Court at this time is very interesting indeed! The Defendant in this case is Washington DC, the plaintiff is a Security Guard who carries a firearm on his job outside of Washington DC, and is not allowed to bring his weapon home with him when his shift is over.I think that the total ban on handguns in Washington DC will fall! With any luck, virtual bans on carry permits and/or concealed carry permits in other jurisdictions will fall as well!If you haven’t guessed yet, I firmly believe that most gun control laws are completely unconstitutional and should therefore be overturned! Gun ownership in the USA should be restricted to legal CITIZENS of the United States, with no record of VIOLENT felonies, domestic abuse or mental disease or defect.Once you meet those qualifications … you should be qualified to keep and/or carry anything from a cap and ball revolver to a full auto .50 calliber weapon

  7. spunked says:

    Git R dUN!?

  8. rollicks says:

    steady,aim,one shot one kill

  9. kilovar says:

    Criminals prefer their victims unarmed.