Can someone tell me about…?

im doing an essay for science about menengitis. is there anyone who has a couple of facts about effects/treatments/causes/and what the symptoms are?and dont give ma ny lectures about looking it up on google. or say "u should really do this one your own", because im not going to copy everything you write. its just going to help me get started. thanx muah♥

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  1. mixedly says:

    Well it’s passed on through saliva, and it’s usually college kids who get it from being in the dorm and sharing drinks, kissing, etc, but not limited to them. It’s very dangerous and the meninges in your brain swell, that’s why it is so dangerous. I know they have a vaccine out there to prevent it, and I had to get it for school…

  2. leached says:

    This girl’s probably going to be a manager someday. She’ll get all of her employees to help her “get started” and then she’ll take credit for it.Sorry I couldn’t resist saying something.