Essay on “concerns of our next president “?

OK i have this paper on "A president should be concerned about......" well for my topic sentence i have the econmically disadvantage,unemployment and healthcare. So for my first sentence i have . They should have some kind of knowledge of how it is living paycheck to paycheck, so on and so on and im talking about the gas prices and child care..But, it just does'nt sound right anyways i need opinions on the 3 topics i have to write about..Please help due today lol write me a good i will chose you as the best one :) im kidding but that would be nice too. ITS FOR AN ENGLISH CLASS make me look smart lol thank you ahead of time, also different topics are accepted, can change!

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5 Answers to “Essay on “concerns of our next president “?”

  1. alsford says:

    A President should be concerned with national and international matters, not individual personal problems, or state issues. Child-care is NOT a federal issue.Too bad you waited until your paper was due to start thinking about it, huh?

  2. gallbush says:

    well, you can talk about impending recession. Because our last President has taken so much loans from other countries like China and Saudi Arabia, we are in debt. Before he came in to the power, America was debt free. New president have to work towrads cleaning Bush’s deeds.2nd- Global warming- how this new president will tackle that. Every day news is coming about glaciers melting due to warming of our climate. New president has to work towards cutting down the emission. You know, USA is the leading polluter among other developed nations. It has to set an example for other countries. 3rd- Better living situation health wise and financially for Americans. Baby boomers are going to retire in big numbers. How are we going to pay for their medical expense? Where is the money for this? Universal care for all…..will America adopt that?

  3. circumaviate says:

    First of all can it be any length? If you have been keeping informed this could be one of your longest papers yet! The media has been reporting more and more ever year on this subject. I think it is a good ideal that you look at it from your perspective, that way it will be much easier for you to write. I would think if you just check out all the news and headlines, you could get enough info. there to fill in any essay!

  4. haplopetalous says:

    Writing about Iraq should be easy points

  5. salvato says:

    The president should have some background knowledge of how the working class live from pay check to paycheck. that is how i would word your first sentence on the econimically disadvantaged. Unemployment is also a very important issue for people working in the United States, due to many jobs going over seas and the unstable economy. is how i would word the 2nd topic sentence.Healthcare in America today is a broken system that needs to be addressed immediatley by the President. Is how i would word the 3rd topic. I always write my papers off my topics i pick and i write my intro last that way i dont have to be restricted to what my paper consist of. Good luck.