Help me with essay about the incredibles?

this is what i have done so far this is only intro: In the family action packed movie The Incredibles directed by Brad Bird the animation movie is set in the town of Municiberg where superheros with incredible abilities are free to use their powers to save civilians and ‘make the world a better place’. Mr Incredible one of the famous superheros of Municiberg has the amazing power of super strength, Elasticgirl another main superhero of the town has the ability to stretch her body as far as she can without hurting herself. Mr Incredible and Elasticgirl get married soon after this happy moment civilians or the mundane start to sue Mr Incredible and other superheros for the injuries that had been caused. This costed the government millions so the government created ‘the super hero relocation program’ which meant that the superheros had to become normal or go away. 15 years later Bob aka Mr Incredible and Helen aka Elasticgirl all live a misery life with their daughter Violet (who can turn invisible) Dash (Who can run faster than the human eye) and Jack Jack the baby of the family who has not yet developed superpowers. The family try hard to live a normal life but Bob misses the superhero days and really despises working in the tax department. Bob and his friend Frozone aka Lucius sneak off to do undercover work to relive the glory days. Bob one day receives a message from a mysterious lady named Mirage who convinces him to relive the glory days by doing a mission Bob knows this may be dangerous but he does it so he can feel happy again. Bob’s mood changes and the family start to become happy together. When Bob arrives on the mysterious island he faces a robot name the omnirod. He defeats it and then meets the super villain Syndrome who Bob knows from the old days as Buddy who was Mr Incredible’s ‘No 1 fan’. Mr Incredible told Buddy he works alone which led the mundane who wanted to be the incredible to become a super villain. Bob was then taken prisoner on the island Helen than decides to go and save Bob after a visit from Edna who makes costumes for the superheros which pinpointed Bob’s location. Helen leaves the kids at home and goes to rescue her husband. While Helen is on the plane she finds Dash and Violet with her and then panicks when missles start attacking the plane. They crash but luckily survive ‘We’re dead, we’re dead but we’re still alive but we’re dead!’ they go onto the island to find Bob and bring him home. Syndrome sends a robot plz help

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