The Breakfast Club — How is Allison impacted from the group?

For social studies class, we watched the movie "The Breakfast Club", and now I need to write an essay about 1 of the characters, Allison Reynolds. I need to write about how Allison is impacted by the group, or the impact the group has on her. I have a few examples already, but if anyone could give me any more examples, that would be great!Thanks in advance!

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  1. ohGHgWu says:

    Do your own homework,it’s your responsibilty.

  2. hyporadius says:

    I suppose the group have an impact on her as they are quite friendly to her and she realises she can make friends.I love that film!

  3. nvfayxj says:

    In “The Breakfast Club”, there were 5 kids, one representative of each common high school stereotype. Claire, “the stuck up rich girl”; Brian, “the geek”; Andy, “the jock”; Bender, “the cool guy”; and Allison, “the loner”. While in their Saturday dentention, they learn that there is something behind everyone’s stereotype and that not everyone is how they seem. They learn that Bender acts like I-don’t-give-a-care for a reason (his father is abusive) and that is why he is taking his anger for his father out on students at school. The group of detainees also learns about what’s really going on at Andy’s house. At school, he’s pretty much a stereotypical jock; he’s good at sports, okay in school, and picks on other kids. What no one knew was that it wasn’t Andy’s decision to conform to the jock standards… his father was pushing him to do it. And Allison… the “loner”, “weirdo”, whatever you want to call her. Throughout the movie, she learned that she didn’t have to mask herself in “weirdness” or lies to get others’ attention. I also think she gained some self confidence in Claire’s makeover of her, some confidence she’d never had: she thought she was pretty and knew that she could make friends. I think Allison also impacted the group greatly. Everyone realized that they didn’t have it half as bad as Allison and it helped them to get over their petty self-pities.

  4. corbeilles says:

    Ask this in the Books section.You’ll get more appropriate answers.

  5. reptilferous says:

    she gets a jock bf. she doesn’t have friends but she gets a popular bf which is big. she tells her story about being left out and being the basket case.

  6. sloted says:

    I kinda think that movie’s overrated.Best 80s “teen” movie: Say Anything.