Will you help me with my essay? I need a thesis statement?

I am writing an 11H/AP format essay for my english class. It is an cause and effect essay. I am writing about the cause and effects of World War 2. It is a 5 paragraph essay. and the first paragraph (introductory) is supposed include your thesis statement.. what you're going to talk about except I can not think of what to put for my introductory paragraph.. Help me! it's due Friday.

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  1. latchkey says:

    I know that it is contrary to how we are taught to write, but I usually write the thesis statement last. I brainstorm ideas of what things I want to, in this case, prove as cause and effect, and then narrow it down to the best three. Then I research information on those topics to make sure that I have enough information to continue with them. After I know that I do, I make an outline of the three different topics, and then structure a thesis statement around them. So for instance, you could mention something about the hostilities between the US and Japan, and why that caused them to bomb Pearl Harbor, officially bringing the United States into the war. Of course you need to have two other arguments ready in order to do a 5 paragraph (intro, topic 1, topic 2, topic 3, conclusion). After you have your ideas outlined you will know exactly what to put into your thesis and half your paper will be written. Hope this helps.

  2. argininephosphoric says:

    wel im in the 7th grade:)i think u can use a hook. it can be like………….it all started with the 1919 treaty of versailles imposing the blame of WW1 on the germans making them pay a huge debt. orThe origins of WWII are complex. Some historians have pointed back to the Treaty of Versailles, calling it unjust and cumbersome. Yet the treaty was not as unjust as some would see itRead more: [external link] …hope this helps! ;)