World war 2 president harry truman essAY HELP 10 POINTSSSSS!?

So i am writing an letter to President truman. Harry truman is the president who made the decision to use technology of the atomic omb on japan. i am supposed to pretend that i lived during ww2, but i can see the future. the fate of the japanese people depends on me, it is my job to pursuade harry truman about using the atomic omb based on what i know affects of the atomic bomb.Sooo basically i am not sure weather to agree using the bomb on japan or not. i know that the japanese defeated the americans in pearl harbor, what do you guys think? what would you say to Mr. truman? PLEASE HELP ME 10 POINTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!PLEASE state reasons why i shoudnt or should persuade him THANK YOU

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  1. sweet says:

    I DID already answer yor question. ( this is a repetition !)

  2. mechlin says:

    It is unbelievably obvious that the U.S and practically the rest of the world were going to defeat Japan, making the destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki pretty pointless. Many historians (usually not Americans) would argue that the atomic bombs were dropped to make a statement to the Soviet Union. America contributed much less to the war effort than the Soviet Union (who effectively won the entire Eastern Front war on their own, caused much more damage to the German Reich and suffered more losses) and knew that they would have little sway in the victors negotiations and were pretty much flexing their muscles at the expense of hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizen’s instantaneous vaporization. I would ask him how he could genuinely make that decision and consider himself different to the villanized characters of the 20th century.Chris Woodside’s brainwashed patriotism is sickening. Half a million casualties is a insane estimation. Also what justifies dropping the bombs on residential civilian areas with no military advantage? American soldiers have been guilty of committing atrocites (My Lai) but that in no way makes all of America responsible, let alone justifying wiping out a densly populated area such as New York whose inhabitants have very little to do with the military. The logic of “we had to kill them because they would kill us if they had the chance” is the most retarded claim i have ever heard and is the reason America is in such a mess tied up with lands it has no relevant reason to be interfering in.

  3. wanderingly says:

    Yes Mr. Truman, you should drop the bomb on Japan. The top three reasons would be:1. It saved many many american lives. Estimates were that if they did a ground invasion instead of dropping the bomb we could have lost half a million americans.2. Japan was guilty of their own atrocities against innocent people from all over the world. Especially China. (look up rape of Nankin)3. Japan would have used this bomb against us if they had it in their possession. We need to kill them before they could use get ahold of this techonology. Also, we needed to show how powerful we were. By defeating Japan with the atomic bomb, we proved how deadly we could be to nations like the U.S.S.R and dropping the bomb played a key role in Truman’s tone at the potsdam conference