Do you think all human beings are savages?

I'm reading "Lord Of The Flies" by William Golding. In this book, Golding writes about humanity as though we are all naturally savages. I have to write an essay on either if I agree OR disagree with Golding. I agree, I believe that everyone has an inner savage but you must be put in the right situation to actually let it surface. So what can i include in my essay that will help support my opinion. Please list sources and also if you know any good quotes on Mankind And Savagery would be great! Thanks!

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3 Answers to “Do you think all human beings are savages?”

  1. Semang says:

    Well I don’t agree. We are all God’s children,’ though some go astray you can’t call them all savages.Obviously Mr Golding was not a Christian.

  2. lackers says:

    Our minds are as different as our finger prints -no two are identical. Palmistry also says the samething. Every human is unique. Not only do ourorgans differ, but our personalities differ. Eachhuman develops different goals, and has specialtraits or feelings which differ in a milliondifferent ways from others.That every person is unique and has an intrinsic worth. [external link]

  3. barr'st says:

    There is a conflicting philosophical point of view from (I think) Rousseau, who formed the romantic idea of “The Noble Savage”. (If I’m right about the guy) He believed that if we could find man in his “true” natural state, he would be a godlike and good creature, sort of an unfallen Adam.Christian theology and tradition comes somewhat inbetween these two extremes. Man, created in God’s image, has a large number of superb traits echoing the pure and transcending attributes of God. Unfortunately, as a result of the Fall and sin, all of those attributes are now twisted, corrupted, and poisoned. Calvinists call this doctrine “Total Depravity”. This results in the belief that nobody, no matter how good they may be, is good enough to merit salvation or heaven. It takes a redemptive act by God himself, to re-generate the divine nature in man, and make him fit for heaven.The “Lord of the Flies” view is similar to the Calvinist view, but the hope for salvation in Golding is a humanistic view, that society tempers the savagery of the individual. Rationalists who tend to reject any concept of the divine as superstition, tend to side with the humanist point of view.