Government essay help?

I have to write an essay about any topic and I chose to write about 9/11 and hows affected our world and how security has changed. Part of the other half of my paper is to write about what our founding father/ philosophers (James madison, thomas jefferson, john locke, thomas hobbes, jean jacque Rousseau, and charles de Montesquieu) would have to say about my topiccould someone help me please because I dont know anything about these guys and i have been trying to research and find out

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  1. Kenelm says:

    Too bad you don’t have a computer and access to the internet. You could look up the information for yourself instead of having someone do the work for you.

  2. portends says:

    Sucks for you. Sorry can’t help you there. But good luck. [external link] ;…

  3. zarnett says:

    Which part do you need help with? Just the second or both? In your question you state both parts, which implies you need help with both, however, you only ask for help for one, which may be a mistake. Write it down in the ‘Extra Details,’ about which part, I’ll be checking back and will edit my answer, according so.