Hamlet essay help themes of revenge and power?

considering the themes of power,revengeand love in the play hamlet what might shakespeare's message be for his readers of all time and places?Look at the familial realationships, the freindships the employees-employer to consider each theme.10 points for best ideas and/or starting paragraphthanks

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  1. lbutton says:

    shakespeare’s “real” message is very hard to detect because he writes for what the public likes even if he himself might disagree. but, at first glance, i could say that shakespeare does not approve of revenge and power. he likes to live life simply, to not have to feign madness to avenge loved ones, but to settle peacefully somewhere. i can not remember where i read this, but there is this really good essay that states that claudius could have been hamlet’s real father. hence, it is really ironic that hamlet tries so hard to avenge his father’s death when he might be killing his actual father.and power is just a tool for revenge.

  2. undersleep says:

    u suport to write five paragraph your first paragraph going to be abt ur three man idea ur 2nd, 3rd, 4th, will be body paragrap and number five goingt obe about your all four paagraph