How can i improve on my SAT essay?

can u please go through my essay and score it. essay topic; do memories hinder or help people in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present?....I believe that memories and past experiences do not hinder people but help them in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present and subsequently, the future.People believe that to move up the ladder of success and achievement, they must forget the past, repress it and relinquish it. Although this might sound like a good idea, to the majority of the population, I believe that the essence of merely going through something is enough an experience to help you in life.Learning from past mistakes help to make us prepared for a similar future scenario. Nevertheless, it is sometime better to forget the past and move on because if we get too caught up with the past, it can ruin our present and future,.Being able to maintain both opinion-the ability to forget some detrimental past events and the ability to learn from some-in equal proportion help to maintain a kind of "equilibrium" in our life.In my personal experience, I have learnt that to forget past experience is better than to always keep them in our mind. My best friends’ father was having a liver problem, he was diagnosed in the medical research council in the Gambia, we were all scared, for me it was surreal because I couldn’t believe that it was happening especially when our AS level exam was approaching rapidly, I made every effort to cheer up my friend and to support him emotionally. After about 3 weeks of Mr. johns’ diagnosis, he decided to fly to England for surgery; he was to leave the following day but he did not make it. The death of my friends’ father was like an encroachment of evil on my mind, I was so devastated about the whole incident; every minute of my live I think about it, I could not forget about entirely. Because of this I could not concentrate on my day to day activities, this lead to the depreciation of my activities. It was only after I spoke to a psychologist that I was able to calm down and focus on the future. This goes to show that if we continue to "hold in" past experiences, and get too caught up in it, it can be very deteriorating to our health generally.However, it is sometime good to remember every bit of the past, everything we pass through in the past is a lesson that we need to remember. An example where past experience is advantageous is my experience as a student Intern in a medical research council. I learnt everything from microbiological techniques, Gel electrophoresis, blood sampling, to polymerase chain reaction. It was a very educative and surprisingly interesting experience that I did not try to forget.In conclusion, I think that in our quest for success and achievement, we should be able to decide which memories are advantageous to remember and which are detrimental. The ability to keep this two "thesis" in equal proportion will help us in our effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present.

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  1. Moschus says:

    i would give it to your teacher.. get them to mark it. and then fix your mistakes. =]♥♫♣

  2. ringbill says:

    hey, really excellent essay.i enjoyed it alot. although i’m not from the US and i dont know about scoring for an SAT exam, your english and grammar were very good.did you write this out on pen and paper as is or did you type it up and let microsoft word correct it.? if you wrote this as is by hand without any mistakes, trust me you’ll do really excellent on your test.

  3. keratins says:

    Nice! You spelled learned wrong though, you spelled it learnt in the 4th paragraph first sentence. Very nice though, and good use of vocabulary too, you did not over do it, but you put enough good words in. I like how you put your own experience in it. Well, Good luck!