What font would be good to use on an essay about Greek and Roman Mythology?

Here are several free fonts that would be good (some might be better just for the title, depending on whether you want a mixture of capital and small case letters for the main body of your text):GREEKGreek [external link] …Diogenes [external link] …ROMANTara type [external link] …Caesar [external link] [external link] …Trajan [external link] …Pompaneji [external link] …You'll also find a selection of free Roman and Greek fonts on Dafont: [external link] '…Have fun :)

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3 Answers to “What font would be good to use on an essay about Greek and Roman Mythology?”

  1. jusenet says:

    If you want it to look like the font of the times, mac has a font called heraculum (I think Microsoft calls it something else), however for an essay, you might want to use a simple font like times new roman.

  2. penuchles says:

    Times New Roman.Teachers don’t like fancy.

  3. unsloughed says:

    I agree with Arthur. Standard font to use in a university setting for a paper would be Times (10 or 12 point), double-spaced, one-inch margins.Jim