Need help with ideas for hw on weather or not i should turn in a friend for murder? pie essay?

i have to write a pie essay for hw about why i would turn in a friend for i need some help. my topic sentence for my introduction is that i would turn in a friend if they told me they had committed a serious crime, murder that is. i need help, i need to have 3 body paragraphs to support why i would turn them in... i don't have any ideas on what those 3 paragraphs should be. thanks in advance to all those who help

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  1. justifier says:

    Why would you turn them in, is because they murdered a human being and and a person. No-one needs to die for any reason.I think i would get this person to tell you how, when and where they did it and i’d tape it. Then i would go to the police station and tell them what you know and the information that you have on the tape.I would also go to another person and tell them what you plan to do, so there is more then you that knows that this has really happened.I didn’t put this in paragraphs, but i gave it the best i could.