Positives of Immigration for an essay?- 10 points?

Well i need to write an essay, composed of an introductory paragraph, done, 3 body paragraphs, a counter argument paragraph, and conclusion, im at my 3rd paragraph and im struck... i know what to write for the rest though, so far ive written about how immigrants actually boost the economy, and a lower crime rate as a result, any others along with facts/supporting details? and don't be racist please, my topic and side was chosen for me.Thanks in advance to anyone, ill give out the 10 points asap!

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  1. stardusts says:

    Immigrant labor is cheaper than U.S. citizen labor. Companies know this. Immigrants improve the economy. Most immigrants move to America to work. Only about 1 percent of immigrants who move to the U.S. commit crimes.There are laws that enable immigrants to live in America illegally. The government is semi-willing to let some aliens cross the border, because it promotes growth in the economy.Overall, Americans benefit from illegal immigrants.

  2. expository says:

    Cheaper work pay for companys so obiously economy will grow, uh more diversity, and i got no others reLly sorry but thats the most i got. Good luckLuvs ya-Cowluver16

  3. clothespins says:

    So you’re actually claiming that we have a lower crime rate as a result of third-world immigration?