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Write an essay explaining whether or not Lady Macbeth's opinion of her husband is accurate. Explicitly express what you believe Lady Macbeth's opinion is and whether you agree:History is filled with tough, courageous men who succeeded in battle or politics to become famous for all time. Usually, behind them are meek, but supportive women who cheered them on. Shakespeare must have decided to twist that stereotype around. In his play Macbeth, Lady Macbeth views her husband as a weak and incompetent coward, lacking the characteristics to do what needs to be done. I believe her suspicions are not without reason. When Lady Macbeth read the news of the witches’ prophecy, she knew that her lord would be too honorable and benevolent to kill his king. That is why she was not too surprised when he told her, "We shall proceed no further in this business. /He hath honored me of late…" (1.7.34-35) This confirms the integrity of his soul. Despite all his ambition, regicide was too much for him. His conscience weighted on him that he even provided himself three moral reasons to defend the sparing of Duncan. This feminine benevolence is a weakness, just as Lady Macbeth foretold. Lady Macbeth not only thinks her husband is too fair, but also too gutless to attempt the extreme. When she demands the fulfillment his promise, he replies cautiously, "If we should fail…" (1.7.68) This is the last resort in his argument to spare Duncan, so it must be the most concrete reason for his second thoughts. Much can be gathered from this simple, hesitant statement. It shows that he has desire and intent for the throne. He is reaching out for the cheese, but is too afraid to snatch it from the trap. The obstruction is his fears of failure, fears of treason, fears of repercussion and fears of death. Macbeth wants magnificence, but fears the risks he must take. This is just cowardice. To sum up her opinion, she believes he is so unmanly, that he is almost effeminate. When told to clean up his mess, he stubbornly refuses, "I’ll go no more: I am afraid to think what I have done; Look on ’t again I dare not." (2.2.65-67) In this dialogue, his nature is shown by what he does, rather than what he says. More accurately, it is revealed by what he does not do. The role of men is of action. Emotion and fear is supposed to be set aside by ambition and level-headedness. However, Macbeth cannot even do the simple task of returning to scene of murder to return the bloody daggers. He is too weak to act, so a woman has to do it for him. This is a considerable blow to masculinity. Lady Macbeth’s previous doubts of him are substantiated. Lady Macbeth’s opinion of her husband is considerably low compared to the norms, but it is justified in that respect. A woman should know her husband, and Lady Macbeth does. She understands that he isn’t masculine enough to achieve his goals. The judgment is a proven fact when the time came to act, and Macbeth did not. However, through the process, some masculinity rubbed off Lady Macbeth to Macbeth. Because of this, I have no doubt there will be yet another twist in their natures later on in the play.

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