Where may I find completed Outline Page essay examples/samples from students?

I'm writing a five paragraph expository essay. I'm required to do a Brainstorming page, Outline Page, Rough Draft, and a final Draft. I have to finish the brainstorming and outline page tonight for homework. The Brainstorming page has been completed already, but the outline page Isn't. I've never had to do an outline page for an essay in previous grades. I would like to know where may I find outline page essay examples that people have done already. I'm writing an essay on my deceased cousin who passed of this year, suffering from cancer. I would like examples from other people outline pages so I would know how to do mine.

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One Answer to “Where may I find completed Outline Page essay examples/samples from students?”

  1. rgrimes says:

    Outlines are like those bubble diagrams from 5th and 6th grade. Simply group all the things about your cousin’s personality, life and struggle with cancer in 3 to 4 different categories, or bubbles. This will be your II. III. and IV. For instance:I Introduction to your cousin, and why you admire him.II. Your cousin’s personalityA. How he looksB. What he liked to doC. What you and he did that was fun.D. Any special things he did that reminds you of him now.III. His IllnessA. How did he find out he was even sick?B. How did he feel about being sick?C. What did his family do to help him?IV. His final DaysA. what did his example teach you?B. What did his family do to remember him.V. conclusion of how you remember him, traditions, holidays, etc.Just imagine that each of a few selected areas can be grouped into each “bubble” and labled with roman numerals. Then each thing you want to discuss within that group will be the A B etc.This is just a rough idea. Looking at someone elses work is sometimes very hard because you don’t really see how to do it yourself. Good luck