Nursing leadership essay?

i am TRYING to write an essay on leadership in health care, and am totally stuck. i have read so many books on the subject but i just cant write about it, anyone got any good advice. i need 2800 words and i am linking it to leadership i have witnessed while on placement. i just don't know how to do it with out being too descriptive and its in 3rd person. have a headache from it now. i am using a sister and senior staff nurse of a ward, and there conflicting methods of management as my base. think maybe i have chosen a hard topic.HELP PLEASE

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  1. Arminianizer says:

    Have a look at some of the essays here – [external link] this one could start you off – [external link] …I find the best way to produce my own work is to see how others have tackled similar problems or questions :)