Schindler’s List & To Kill A Mockingbird?

I am currently trying to write a 3 paragraph essay on the relationship between To Kill A Mockingbird and Schinler's List. My topic is how Schindler and Atticus are heroes. The guidlines I have to follow are:Actions --> What they didIntentions & Motivations --> What they doEffect (Effect on people)I need to be able to compare what they both did as "heroes" to tie in. It is set up like this:To Kill A Mockingbird Infromation:1. Attempt to save Tom Robinson2. Felt Tom was more than a black man3. Made people stop and think4. Set a line for racismSchindler's List Information:1. Saved jews2. Felt they were more than hews3. Jews respected him4. Set a line for prejudiceIf anyone has any suggestions or things I could change on those, please say so. And if possible, provide at least 6 sentences for each To Kill A Mockingbird and Schindler's list on THOSE topics at the top.Thank you very much.

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    The purpose of this and any other assignment is for you to think and demonstrate how you can structure and write an essay.Asking people here or anywhere to do the work for you is called cheating.You have a brain and you’ve made a good start. Follow through and stop doubting yourself and your abilities. You will only feel good about yourself if you make a good mark on the result if you’ve actually done the work.