Spanish Speakers! Need help!?

Does this make any sense whatsoever? Im taking AP Spanish this coming year and we have to write an essay on our name.Now does this sentence make any sense?:Mi nombre significa una flor blanca. Like my name means a white flower. Its Daisy by the way.

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5 Answers to “Spanish Speakers! Need help!?”

  1. bmaddox says:

    Daisy in English is Margarita in Spanish.Yes “mi nombre significa una flor blanca = my name means a white flower.

  2. wins says:

    It’s correct: Mi nombre significa una flor blanca but I think “una” is unnecessary. The most common will be this way -> Mi nombre significa “flor blanca”.I hope this information helps you :)

  3. IEM-NET says:

    go too google translate

  4. manuring says:

    It’s somewhat correct.The right way to say it would be: “My nombre significa “flor blanca.”In this case, however, you’re name is “Daisy” and “daisy” is “margarita” in Spanish.You should say:”Mi nombre significa “margarita.”

  5. madkins says:

    I would sayMI NOMBRE SIGNIFICA FLOR BLANCA. unless you are sure it’s A WHITE FLOWER and not simply WHITE FLOWER. Then it would be exactly what you wrote.