What is another word to use instead of ‘farm animals’?

Hi im writing an essay on animal farm and i have used the phrases 'farm animals' and 'other animals' in just about every sentence is there any other phrases i could use instead thanks x

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  1. spanial says:

    Beasts, creatures. Also, if you’re singling a species out and then go on to talk about the other animals, you could use “everyone else” or “the rest of them”. Orwell was talking about people, so you might as well, too. You could also be very specific all the way through saying how a specific group viewed an occurrence or idea with support from the novel. It isn’t always the pigs against the rest.

  2. MacHTTP says:

    Domesticated animalsTamed beastsTamed animalsBeasts of burdenHobby helpers (riding, wool making, etc.)Affliction easers (guide dogs)Anxiety easers (dogs, cats, fish, most any animals)Security providersetc.

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  5. zestfulness says:

    Other than livestock?-Cattle-Flock-Herd-Animal husbandryHope this helps :-)

  6. stuartl says:

    Livestock is what they usually use in referring to animals on the farm.