Can i get into Appalachian State University?

I have about a 82.34 GPA, i did terribly on my ACT's and got a 19. I was involved in many clubs and on multiple sports teams, and worked multiple jobs. I was also given a recommendation from my school principal. I have started a peer conseling/leadership program for my high school. Visited Appalachian State in September, and got hooked up with one of the Graduate professors in the Teachers college who was also on the board who said he was going to put in a good word for me. I am also from New York and wrote my essay on why anyone from Suburban NY would go to the middle of no where NC where App. is located. I know i dont have such terrific grades, but i am a very well rounded person, who has a boat load of credentialls with the whole leadership program and the Principal recommendation. I also visited the campus in September...thats where i got hooked up with the professor/board member. So what do you think my chances are? its my top school and i should be hearing back any day now..and im kinda freaking out :/ Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

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  1. aortostenosis says:

    Appalachian State University Admission requirements:Average GPA score: 3.92Average SAT math score: 540-630Average SAT writing score: 510-600Average ACT score: 22-26With details above i think you can calculate your chance of Acceptance.Good Luck !