Computer science schools in New England?

I've read through other answers on Yahoo! Answers, but I haven't really found any conclusive answers other than UMass Amherst. As a student, I have a 3.2 GPA, an 1820 'superscored' SAT (680 Critical Reading, 570 Math and 570 Writing), and my English teacher believes my essay is very well written. I wrote my common app 'short answer' about my experience programming Android Market applications. But I digress.Currently, my schools are:UMass Amherst (of course -- it's highly regarded in the Computer Science field)Quinnipiac UniversityRoger Williams UniversityClark UniversityBridgewater State UniversityAll of which are pretty decent schools. My question is, I guess, are there any other schools a student like me could go to for a good Computer Science degree in New England? I was hoping to have a little more variety, since UMass actually has some pretty high standards (a 3.6 average GPA!?) and I'm not really sure of my chances with the other schools... that aren't Bridgewater, since I'm pretty sure I'll get in there.Gonna have to ask that no one gives me an answer like "MIT!" or something, haha.Thanks guys!

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