How do I say with my friends in German?(form of mein)?

Ok so I know it is mit (something) freundeBut what form of my does it take mein, meine?Also what case would it be?Please help I have a 300 word German essay for tomorrow

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2 Answers to “How do I say with my friends in German?(form of mein)?”

  1. unnonsensical says:

    Hallo!der Freund = a male friend; singular ( der is the masculine article)die Freundin = a female friend; singular (die is the feminine article)die Freunde = the friends; could be all male or could be a group of male and female friends mixed (!)die Freundinnen = the (girl) friends; all are female”die” is also the plural article for both genders!____”mein” means “my”: mein Freund (my friend)”meine” is the feminine form of “mein” which needs a feminine substantive: meine Freundin (my girl friend)”meine” can also be the plural form of both: meine Freunde (my friends; all are male or a mixed group)meine Freundinnen = my friends (all female)____It’s not a case, it’s simply the plural form.Viel Glück!/ Good luck!____EDIT: in case you need the cases ;) Singular; masculine substantive1st case: mein Freund2nd case: meines Freundes3rd case: meinem Freund4th case: meinen FreundPlural; masculine substantive1st case: meine Freunde2nd case: meiner Freunde3rd case: meinen Freunden4th case: meine FreundeSingular; feminine substantive1st case: meine Freundin2nd case: meiner Freundin3rd case: meiner Freundin4th case: meine FreundinPlural; feminine substantive1st case: meine Freundinnen2st case: meiner Freundinnen3rd case: meiner Freundinnen4th case: meine Freundinnen

  2. hendecasyllable says:

    With my friends = mit meinen Freunden (male or mixed) or mit meinen Freundinnen (female) or mit meinen Freundinnen und Freunden (mixed if you want to mention both genders expressively)So it’s dative plural case.I can also be translated as “bei meinen Freunden” as in “I was staying with my friends”