Chance me for Rice University? And Texas A’M?

I live in Connecticut so I think that might help me a little as far as applying to schools in Texas?I am half white and half black, my unweighted GPA is probably around a 3.65 to 3.7.I am in the top 10% of my class of around 460 students, I'm close to the top 5%.I am a female and want to do engineering, I have taken all Honors & AP classes throughout HS.Last year I took AP US History and got a 4 on the exam. This year I am taking AP Calc BC, AP Bio, and AP Spanish. I have a lot of leadership and community service activities, such as National Honor Society, Spanish NHS, Unified Friends Club, Human Relations Club (officer), Debate Team, volunteer at New Haven Reads (literacy tutor) and other places. I also am a gymnast, track runner and soccer player. I got a 2070 on the SAT (780 writing, 640 cr, 650 math) and 720 on the Spanish SATII, 700 on US History, 580 on Math I, 660 on Math II, and like 480 on Physics. (really bad, I know) I think my essays were pretty good and my teacher recs should have been pretty good. I also did a summer math and engineering program at Carnegie Mellon for 6wks that was pretty rigorous.I was deferred from Yale and haven't heard from any other schools yet.

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2 Answers to “Chance me for Rice University? And Texas A’M?”

  1. suckstone says:

    I’m not sure about Rice, but A’M you’ll get into. To get automatically accepted, you need to be in the top 25% and have a composite (Math and Reading score) of 1300. The fact that you almost have these requirements (the 780 writing also looks amazing, since less than 3% score nearly that high) added to the things you do means you’re a shoe-in!A’M also has more engineering than Rice, something to think about. I know I want Petroleum, so Rice wouldn’t fit me anyways, but it might fit you.Good luck!

  2. resilial says:

    Hi DominiqueYou look very good for Rice and probably Texas A’M as well- however, TAMU has a legislative mandate to reserve 60% of entering Freshman places for those who graduated in the top 8% of their Texas HS classes. That means that you are competing for one of the places in the remaining 40%.I think you look great for it. You can see summaries of the middle 50% of those admitted to almost every accredited school in the USA on Use their “How Do I Stack Up?” service. This is fairly accurate for general admission – STEM and health care programs are usually more rigorous.EDIT – The other answer’s statement that there is automatic acceptance to Texas A’M is total nonsense. He must be thinking of a different school. With the criteria he set out, TAMU wouldn’t even consider your application.