How do I refute this counter-argument?

Writing an essay on why the Anglo-Saxons were the most influential group to British culture. I have to present and refute counter-arguments.One of the influences was the Anglo-Saxon communities becoming the current villages of England. The counter-argument is that the communities would have failed to be united as a whole had the Romans not built the roads that would later be used to travel between them.How do I refute that?

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3 Answers to “How do I refute this counter-argument?”

  1. chileans says:

    “Roads” are not a specific Roman achievement. Roads were built outside of territories occupied by the Romans. It was a nice favor that those have built them. But not building them wouldn’t have meant that the UK today wouldn’t have any. Occupations often have a unifying effect by the common enemy, roads or no roads being present. In Vietnam and Russia the non availability of roads was an advantage for the defender.

  2. kerosenes says:

    When analyzing the situation one is always presented with certain basic difficulties ie. there are certain historical facts and events one will never know. One could overestimate or underestimate the importance of the road situation on the simple basis of not counting some other event/events that were not recorded by an official or traditional history. Such events could be as boring and seemingly insignificant as climatic events that influenced farming and hunting/fishing techniques… I am always a bit suspicious of ‘one singular event’ as an explanation for why a certain people live in a certain place. For example, I recently reading a mythical story about why/how a certain group of native americanscame to live in a certain area. The story was that they came from adistant faraway land of hardships and drought and followed a dog/wolf called Panti who led them to the particular place where they settled. There is likely some primordial truth to it… But when you think about it the story of numerous Roman Roads being entirely responsible for being the singular magical key to Anglo-Saxon dominance…sounds just about as convincing as the magical dog/wolfstory… The simple, but most accurate answer, is that nobody really knows for sure what exactly happened to make the Anglo-Saxon the most dominant influencers – and maybe their dominance was not quite so dominating as one might have been led to beleave…

  3. tninntt says:

    The Angles & the Saxons were Germanic tribes that like their Scandinavian brethren used their seafaring skills to invade & raid coasts and villages all over Europe the British Isles, and Russia. My argument would be though the patterns linking the cities would have been different. The success the Swedish Vikings had in Russia came without Roman roads so much so that the country still bares their name. The Rus is the name given those early rulers and their example stands as a testament to their ability to build a country without Roman roads.