What do you think of me?

(im a male)ok, so im going to describe myself, and give you honest opinion if you would find me interesting, worth going out with or not.i am a likeable person who usually gets along with many people making many freinds. im usually the joker between my friends(making all the jokes and making everyone laugh). im into martial arts (non of that fancy stuf u see on TV, the proper stuf) and fitness (as a hobbie, not really intended to attract girls). im enjoy going out alot, socialising with my friends, and im always there for my friends.i dont play games and prefer to spend my time doing something else, although i dont mind playing games (id usually just play at my friends house)im kind towards girls, and usually make them laugh. im considerate towards there feelings, but aint the 'bad boy' sort. id take her out, but would make time for my friends also.id treat like she's the best thing that has happened to me.i dont look for sex in a relationship like most guys i would want a meaningful relationship..a downside to me is that i have a bad temper and i seem to explode when some pises me of (quit alot of people are aware of this as they have seen me do this in class, but doesn't happen frequently, does this rewen my image ?). however, iv have never got angry will a girl and never will (feel more relaxed around females) and would purposely control myself around a female (which i doubt i would need to)im not that good looking, not that i look like freddy krueger. would most girls be willing to look over the fact im not good looking and go for personailty ? what would your opinion be towards me ? (be honest)(sorry for the long essay)

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5 Answers to “What do you think of me?”

  1. devlen says:

    probably a japfag

  2. kilns says:

    Your personality sounds sexy !, ♥

  3. clamors says:

    i didnt read it

  4. outate says:

    You’re pathetically self-centered, fer sure!

  5. prerestriction says:

    Youve got a great personality!