Why wont anyone answer my question?

what do the last lines of the pigman mean?Okay this is a popular book taught in school and i need to write an essay in mla form about the last lines of the book "There was no else to blame anymore... Our life would be what we made of it-- nothing more, nothing less. Baboons, Baboons. They build their own cages, we could almost hear the pigman whisper as he took his children with him." ok what the heck does that mean? (this isnt a question but why does my teacher want me to think over spring break, psh.) help? :(

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  1. apidae says:

    What’s it mean?Mostly, Pigman is a coming of age novel (meaning that kids get an opportunity to experience growth/maturity and enter into the adult world). The realization at the end is that the main characters had for a long time done some pretty mean things to Mr. Pignatti without realizing the consequences, and at the end; they realize that they are responsible for their actions. They can’t blame the pain and hurt on anyone but themselves.”They build their own cages” is kind of like the saying that “you’ve made your own bed, and now you have to lie in it.” It again falls back to the idea that one must take responsibility for his/her actions at some point.The teacher wants you to think about this probably because you’re a 9th or 10th grader (maybe 8th), and you’re reaching the age where society expects that this lesson of responsibility should be one that is learned.In two years or so, you’ll probably get the chance to read “Catcher in the Rye” where the main character struggles fiercely with this lesson, and it might be good to see the comparison between the main characters and how they work with the lesson.

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    cause no1 like homework