Would parents vaccinate their children? opinions why or why not ? doesnt it lead to autism or retardation?

im doing a research paper for a persuasive essay on why parents shouldnt vaccinate their child. ive had a cousin that is permanently retarded due to this i believe . does anyone kno any good sites for information on this? also give me yur input about it ...and also is this a good topic to write a persuasive essay about?if not, what is a better topic to write about?thanks in advance!= ]

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  1. ophthalmoplasty says:

    My son was different from birth…he has both ADHD and Aspergers…a form of autism…I can in no way say that the shots he received as a young child influenced his neurological status now. After talking with several other parents of Autistic children..many of them also said that their child was different from birth and some like me said from conception. He is our 6th child…I am not new at this parenting thing…I believe that my son was born with Autism and ADHD…and that one day we will find a genetic link that confirms this.

  2. galatia says:

    There haven’t been any conclusive studies that I know of that have supported a cause and effect relationship between autism and vaccinations. There have been studies that support that there is no such correlation.Vaccinations are the reason that many deadly diseases have been eradicated or drastically reduced. Of course I will vaccinate my children.

  3. encaged says:

    I vaccinated my sons, and then when my middle son got autism, I stopped, and have not vaccinated my daughter. There must be some pre-disposition to autism triggered by all these needles. I feel why take the risk if one child already has it – I can’t do the same to my other child. This is an area that needs much research and I hope you do the essay. Good luck!

  4. snup says:


  5. lashkars says:

    You could mention that there isn’t enough scientific research completed to show the long lasting effects of each vaccination. After doing a research paper on India, I found out that they produce a large majority of vaccines. Do other countries have the same standards as we do on vaccines? How do we monitor this? Since vaccines are given nationally in the US, who do we buy from? The lowest bidder?It is proven that some animals, due to thier their yearly vaccinations have multiple tumors at the vaccination site. If it causes this in animals (cats/dogs) what could it do to us?

  6. athenaeum says:

    I have been looking into this subject for years. I finally found all the answers to my questions by watching a video by Mary Tocco. Here is a link to it: [external link] …It is 2 1/2 hours long but well worth watching. Mary has spent 26 years looking at vaccine data and has the expert names, dates, government data and peer-reviewed research to back up everything she says. As for vaccines irradicating diseases this simple is not true. The data from our own government databases shows that ALL of the major communicable diseases, including polio, were at near zero numbers by the 1960′s. These are diseases of filth that were spread by unsanitary living conditions, dirty water and made worse by poor diet. Look at the data for yourself, don’t take my word for it. There are also great videos on youtube.com that show the actual researchers that developed our vaccines stating that vaccines are “bargain-basement healthcare”. Google “rolling stones immunity” to see a very shocking article by Robert F Kennedy Jr about vaccines and the government cover-up. There is also a youtube video where he is being interviewed on MSNBC about the information in this shocking article (remember to add the word ‘vaccine’ to your youtube John F Kennedy search). I encourage everyone to do their own homework and not believe anyone, including me. Another thing is always follow the money trail when you hear that a drug does not cause harm, especially when so many in the public say otherwise. Usually you will find that the drug companies themselves paid for the research. I am a researcher myself so I talk from experience. Vaccines are a multi-billion dollar a year industry. No one is going to give up that kind of money easily.

  7. trajere says:

    My son was vaccinated at certain recommended ages and there’s been no problem with him unless you count ADHD

  8. maegbote says:

    We have a 6 month old and I grilled our doctor on this subject. Apparently a few years ago there was something linking a component of one of the vaccines to autism. That has been removed and as long as your doctor doesn’t hold vaccines for a long, long, time you are fine.I am a very natural person, but there are lots of things out there now (Roto Virus) that weren’t around when we were kids. All it takes is for one kid in daycare to get it (we keep ours at home), and they all have it.I understand where you are coming from and I can’t make your decision for you. All I can do is tell you to do is pray about it (I am a person of faith- Christian) and you will figure it out. Kids are so easy to worry about :)

  9. nonmechanistic says:

    I am on the fence…..there is research showing that in the multi-dose vials (MMR etc..) that there is a preservative that has been linked to autism. I would wait until my child is older and make sure that the vaccinations are only from single dose, non-preserved vials.

  10. lisenby says:

    Yes, this is a great subject for a research paper and you may glean some good information that will help you protect your future children as well. There is so much public misconception about vaccine practices and few really take the time to research independently. We do not vaccinate. Your first persuasive argument should address the history of disease. A brief review will show that disease rates declined 90-95% BEFORE vaccines became widely available as a result of improved sanitation, better living conditions, and education. Another effective argument might address the astonishing list of toxic ingredients present in vaccines: [external link] … Use wikipedia to identify chemicals and consequences of human exposure. Thimerosal (mercury) is still used in vaccines. For example, the flu shot still contains the full amount 80-90% of the time.A technical argument could address human response to the aluminum adjuvant, meant to stimulate immune response, but often causing brain inflammation in children, especially with multiple vaccinations at one time, and possibly resulting in neurological difficulties like ADD, ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, developmental delays. You could also look at the explosion of autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma, eczema, and immunodeficiencies in children.If you really want to astonish your prof, read about and include SV-40 in your report. This cancer-causing virus originated in monkeys and crossed into the human spieces when it was undetected in the early Polio vaccine and injected over the course of about 2 decades. Thousands of African monkey’s were killed and their kidneys used to grow the Polio antigen. Animal DNA should not be injected into human, but this is now commonplace with vaccination. This is a little known fact that public health would like to remain obscure for obvious reasons. There is a ton of info at your fingertips. Check out all the sites provided by men in black and those listed below. Good luck in your research.

  11. postures says:

    Im going to keep my answer real short on this. We’re friends with a mother of a 22 month old, who is a Psychologist, with a specialty in Autism. She is so convinced there is no link, her daughter was fully immunized, as per the normal schedule. My Pshychologist wife did the same thing with our son. And saying its linked to being retarded- thats just plain silly.

  12. medicotopographic says:

    It”s a good idea for a paper.To poster jean-vaccines cause ADHD.Vaccines are causing the huge increase in DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS or “autism”. Our child met all milestones ahead of schedule until the 15 month vaccinations overwhelmed his body. This story repeats itself daily and our worthless”britney 24/7″ press just regurgitates propaganda from merck assuring us everything is fine. They will do anything to avoid another vioxx debacle. It is astounding to see so many ill informed posters acting like they know what their talking about. Totally buying the crap fed to them by the CDC and the vaccine producers. Their ignorance places us all in danger. Their inability to question what is happening right in front of them is a poor commentary on our educational system. Perhaps their brains have been afffected by live viruses and mercury and mutated aborted human DNA they have been shot up with.There is mounting scientific data that suggests some children are unable to detoxify heavy metals and are actually poisoned into autism by the massive amount of vaccines the current vaccine schedule calls for. TEN TIMES as many as most people received in the sixties!It is dangerous and unnecessary. Scientist now know that exposure to Mercury gas from dental work on silver(mercury) fillings while pregnant can result in the child being poisoned and results in autism.The flu vaccine contains mercury and if given to a pregnant woman will mercury poison the child they are trying to protect. While it is likely ADHD is being over diagnosed because many adults want children to be calm like an adult instead of an active vibrant child that requires EFFORT to teach and parent, but there is NO WAY IN HELL over-diagnosis explains the explosion of regressive autism and If you ever spent a week living with the family of a REAL ADHD afflicted child you then understand they have neurological damage just like the autistic children suffer from.Some of the studies supposedly showing vaccines are safe and thermasol is harmless actually have data inside the study that suggests it is neither safe or harmless. In other words the conclusion of the study does not match what the data in the study supports! They wish to mire people down in the thimerosol(mercury) debate when the vaccine safety crowd like myself contend there are numerous dangerous substances in vaccines not just thermasol. We don’t accept the premise that you must sacrafice thousands of childrens futures based on the threat that the boogie man will get you if you don’t play russian roullette with your childrens lives. We believe SAFER vaccines can be created and a SAFER vaccination schedule should be implemented. But don’t look for the CDC to have an epiphany though, they are completly controlled by the pharmaceutical companies and most of their science staff is on big pharma’s payroll. Much like the tobacco companies of the past did they will say and do anything to avoid responsibility for what their products have done. It would cost them trillions at this point. [external link] “The conclusion of the research report was: Children who received all of the AAP recommended vaccinations were 14 times more likely to become learning disabled and 8 times more likely to become autistic compared with children who were never vaccinated.

  13. unamerced says:

    I have read that there is a small percent chance of side affects with vaccinations. You must understand that to save the lives of many people. We take that small risk.If you could to save a 100 lives, but new one would die. Would you do it knowing if you did nothing, 30 people would die. This is part of what our government has to preside over at times.I do not know the exact percent. Every ones physiology is different and there would have to be a connection to certain negative affects. You may also get Autism from extreme stress in your third trimester and having a collection of toxins in your intestinal tract from drugs/pesticides and bad foods not passing through.Sounds like you have a lot to look up and study. Good luck.

  14. zou says:

    Some flu vaccines still contain thimerosal, the preservative which contains mercury. Mercury is DEADLY, and we are still injecting it into people! The CDC continues to support an insane vaccine “schedule” for children, whose immune systems are not yet fully formed. When I was a child, there was a polio vaccine and one for tetanus. NOW there are at least 35 vaccines given to extremely young children. Thousands of children in this country became zombies (lost speech/eye contact, etc.) following their 18-month vaccinations, which include the MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella). Boys are more vulnerable — I think it’s because of their XY chromosomes (more boy babies also die than girl babies, for instance). Some children are more vulnerable than others, depending upon their own unique genetic make-up. That is why one brother in the same family is unaffected by vaccines, whereas another son is destroyed by them. Check out http://www.tacanow.org for an amazing amount of information on this subject.

  15. chalcedony says:

    If it were true then why aren’t we all retarded?