Applying for Prep schools. Do I have a chance? PLEASE HELP! ?

My family is below average income. I'm applying for the following:1) Phillips Exeter Academy2) Hotchkiss School4) Loomis Chaffee5) Hill School6) Asheville SchoolThe Hill and Asheville are supposedly my back-ups, but even so, I'm not very confident.I've moved around a lot. So I've only been in my current school for a month. So far I have straight A's. My old school grading system is very different (I scored in the 80s but the tests were very hard and above 80 was outstanding achievement, it's just I don't think the schools will understand that).extracurriculars:Swimming (5 years)Piano (8 years)Art (4years)Theater (2 years)2 Christian groups (3 months, I'm new to christianity, should I write it down? Because they ask how many YEARS, but I really like my Christian Groups and we do a lot of stuff, like community service etc. I participate actively with about 5 hrs a week into it)Debating (2 years)Science (2 years)I study 2 hours for weekdays and 4 for weekends for the SSATs. Hopefully will score above 90 percentile.My writing is very good, even though I say so myself. So essays are no problem.Good teacher recs. They don't know me that well but I participate quite actively and they'll probably say "top 10% this year for everything".My interviews should be very good, I'm very persuasive (debating).Yeah, that's it. But I've never won any major awards for anything. I came second in a math olympiad last year. I got medals and ribbons for every single swim meet I've ever been in. Merit Awards each year for placing in the top 10 of the grade. And that's it. And there's no where I can write any of this dull stuff down.I'm not at all impressive like the other applicants. And with such low acceptance rates, i think i should just quit PEA, loomis, and hotchkiss.However I was born in Zimbabwe and lived there for the 10yrs. (If that helps at all) and I speak 4 languages. And can write in 3 of them.I'm 13 (8th grade) btw. applying for 9th grade. Currently taking Algebra 2 at the high school. So I'll be taking pre-calc. next year.

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  1. pennons says:

    I think you have chances, and I like the fact that you are applying to a range of schools instead of just the most competitive. I think the acceptance rate at Loomis is around 38-40%, and Asheville and Hill are similar. Exeter and Hotchkiss acceptance is around 20%.If the Christian Groups are meaningful to you, include this activity. Whatever the outcome on March 10th, remember that the majority of applicants are qualified. As a result, schools select from the pool of qualified applicants to compose a class with all the talents they need. As you fill out your applications, be sure the schools know all the ways you plan to contribute to the community.Be certain that your selected schools have competitive swim teams. By the way, the swim teams at Mercersburg are very competitive. Good luck!