Can somebody explain this to me…?

Hi, I'm an internation student and currently taking this writing class in the local community college. I've yet received an writing assignment this week and it stated :Write a personal essay in which you narrate/describe your experiences as a writer. Write about what you think is important to be a good writer. For example, some people consider revision process as a key element of written literacy development. But there might be other things that can be applied to individual learners. Try to explain your points using your experience or evidences from the textbook or other reading materials. You may want to generate a number of questions so you can have a better focus in telling a story about yourself as a writer. what is it asking me to write about on the essay? I'm confused...Can somebody explain it to me? Thank you.

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  1. dohanoi says:

    This would be a narrate paper. Read the part of your text book on narrate it will help.Remember what your teacher wants you to write about and put that in your paper.This web site might help you with your paper. [external link] …

  2. camail says:

    When you write an essay what do you think is the most important thing to do? Like drafting or peer editing things like that. Good luck!

  3. cardiopericarditis says:

    I believe that it’s asking for YOU to TELL (from your point of view) what are important skills or things that you should/need to have to be a good writer.When they talk about the revision process, they are saying that going back to edit things makes a better paper.They want you to explain why these things make for a good writer by either using your own experiences or from what you’ve read in a book or newspaper.Ask yourself questions (i.e. proper grammer makes for a good writer, but why? how?) so you can better explain yourself in telling your story.Hopefully I helped. When I first read it I was as confused as you. It took two or three times until I understood what it meant.**I also use a trick for material with big words. When I read words like revision or written literacy, I’ll go back and reword the sentence to make it sound like “For example, some people consider the editing process as a key element of the understanding of written development.”

  4. cort says:

    I believe it is asking you to talk about what you have done as a writer, whether that is a writer in high school or a professional writer. How do you approach the task of writing? What do you think is the most important part of writing? It wants you to explain your experiences or use your text to explain your points. Hope that helps.