okay so im supposed to write a five paragraph essay on the first five weeks of highschool.GIVEN PROMPT: In a narrative essay describe your first five weeks of highschool. make sure you use imagery and concrete details. What have been your challenges, success, and goals? Also describe your experience in AVID for my challenges and success i jotted down : - too many projects, little time- hard training - rude teachers-strict diets ( training)- geometry*"You're getting better"* Practiced with varsity* Got an A in Geometry class* Made friends easily. The thing im confused in is how i can tie in my challenges and succes as well as my goals. Since my goals have been completed how can i add that to my narrative essay thanks so much !

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  1. ungenuineness says:

    Well, if it were me writing the essay I would write about the challenges first, my success second, and my goals in the conclusion.