What are the main themes of the novel Anthills of the Savannah?

I have to write 2 essays on the Anthills of the Savannah... Could anyone please help me with the major themes and also what is the 'Love Letter' all about? :s

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    major themeOvercoming a History of SufferingThe end of the novel offers a little hope but also shows that the political unrest of Kangan cannot be addressed by simple solutions. The people want change and peace but are unsure how to attain a suitable system of government, especially when each successive regime is made up of members of the coup that overthrew the last regime. It is a system driven by sheer might and strength as opposed to justice, philosophy, or respect for the land. The novel also portrays a strong and enduring sense of community among the people, despite the fact that they have no political rights. Achebe suggests that this unity is what keeps the community and its heritage and culture intact even when it is ravaged by unjust political regimes.about the letter:In contrast to Sarowiwa, Achebe seeks to link, rather than oppose, the question of African women’s roles to the larger problems of the post-colonial nation. Ikem’s “love letter”to Beatrice, in conjunction with the novel’s hopeful, women-centered ending, most specifically attempts this. In the love letter Ikem writes his realization that the major flaw in his vision for his country is its failure to provide a clear role for women.