What does ‘aggregate level’ and ‘individual level’ mean?

I'm doing an essay for criminology and i'm not exactly sure what this part of the question is asking me. Here is the full question:Choose one of the following socio-demographic characteristics: age, sex, ethnicity, or socio-economic status (SES). Describe its relationship to crime, paying attention to whether that relationship is observable at the individual and/ or the aggregate-level. What are the major theoretical explanations for that relationship? To what extent are the results of prior empirical research consistent with those theoretical explanations?I'm doing my essay based on the relationship between sex and crime.

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  1. ignorers says:

    For example if you pick sex – then you have to talk about whether all men are more likely to commit certain crimes than all women (aggregate) or whether it is down to individuals regardless of their sex – and give examples and reasons for your argument.

  2. understates says:

    Aggregate level: based on most individuals in most surveys; a visible pattern in society.Individual level: based on specific people and specific cases; a tendency for a given set of characteristics to appear.