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what do you think about this introduction for an essay about the role of race in Shakespeare's Othello? please say any comments you have. ThanksRole & Impact of Race in Othello In Shakespeare’s play; Othello, The Moor of Venice the main character is Othello, a coloured man. Because of his race, the play is much different then had Othello been a ‘normal’ Venetian military man rather than a Moor. His race not only affects the way other characters in the play interact with him, but also how Othello sees himself. Because of this, race plays one of the most important roles in the play.

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  1. cuppa says:

    That sounds fine. You really shouldn’t fret too much on introductions as long as you state your thesis.Let me edit grammar for you, though.In Shakespeare’s play, COMMA Othello, The Moor of Venice COMMA the main character is Othello, a coloured man….the play is much different THAN had Othello been…(OMG THAN IS NOT THE SAME AS THEN IT DOESN’T EVEN SOUND THE SAME. Learn the difference between than and then, I don’t mean to yell at you but, JESUS, if you are old enough to be reading Othello, you should be old enough to know the FRICKING difference between then and than.)Ok, sorry for freaking out on you.