Essay help? Please 10 points!?

I'm writing a 500 word current event essay for my english class.And I need a good topic one that's really interesting ! And any ideas about the topic please?It can be a Profile, a Report, a Proposal, or an Argument.This is the info she gave us VVFind a current event or issue that you are interested in and become an expert on the conflict and / or situation. Write a documented essay that explains the issues surrounding the event and argue for the side of the conflict that you agree with if there is a conflict. If there is no conflict, then explain why this event is important in your opinion. You may focus on any of the pertinent information surrounding the event.

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  1. secs says:

    i kno how u feel about these i h8 thesenow what you do is figure out something you or yer teacher likesmake shure you dont do any sport events cuz they suckchoose yer toppic according to the teacher’s fave subject of subject she teachescurrent science: [external link] social studies: [external link] …like i said you can choose anything you want!go ahead do whatever you want just by going to the google search engine and typing current events and you can brouse the pages =)

  2. xeromyrum says:

    Argue that the war in Lybia is really about oil and not about helping people.

  3. snitching says:

    Do something you are interested in! Or maybe do something on how society is stereo typing girls to be thin poles covered in make up. You are a girl so it would be interesting and it is a topic with tons of facts,opinions and sides!

  4. bolzoni says:

    How about the situation in Japan? You can talk about how global warming is affecting the weather and what effect it may have on natural disasters around the world.