Essay on Ned Kelly (Hero or Villan)?

WAS NED KELLY A HERO OR A VILLAN!?!?! Ned Kelly is significant to Australian history to the point that people published books, movies, biographys and poetry because of the insiration his life gave to others and their still publishing till this very day due to the impact he made on all of us. Some people say Ned Kelly is a hero, others debate the fact that his a villan. I say that Ned Kelly wasnt a hero, but he wasnt a villan nor a victim either. The reason people claim his is a cold-blooded murderous villan is because the goverment/ police made out that the only things ned did in his life were acts of crime against the law. When realistically Ned was entirely different. Think for a minute.. If you were to try and survive in a forest or bush over long periods of time, you wouldnt be left with much choice other than to steal so you could survive. Ned was only doing what he could to live his life. Yes he did commit some outragous and unfair crimes, although with the position he was put in he had every right to take his anger out and do what he did (not nessessarily on others) Im not implying he was right to do it, but it may have seemed fair for him under his living conditions. But to me Ned Kelly wasnt just another bushranger, he wasnt just another outlaw, To me he was an australian ledgend. He changed lives for the better. Back in 1880 people gave trust, Ned showed them that trust couldnt be given, it must be earnt. He showed loyalty to the people whom where most important to him. He showed authority, standing up for what he wanted even if it wasnt right. he showed people that he knew the right from wrong, he knew what was fair and he knew when to stop. He showed this in June 1880 after he attemtped to de-rail a train carring policemen in glenrowan and then held hostage of 62 people in a hotel surrounded by police jut before his capture. He showed the above qualities, by not trying to escape again because he knew he did wrong, and he didnt cause any more problems after capture because he knew when it was over and when he had to stop. He also knew the meaning of "freedom", something we value alot in australia for example, the freedom of speech, religion, privacy ect. and he knew how much his ment to him. He also knew that because of the things he did, he would take the punishment and when he did, his final words before death were "such is life."Meaning that it was fate or only fair. I believe showing all these qualities makes someone a true australian ledgend. Therefore Ned Kelly is a Hero.

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  1. disclaimers says:

    A narcissistic villain. I liked his bullet proof armor though.