How is “Echo and Narcissus” Important to Greek Mythology?

I am writing an essay paragraph and I'm going crazy! For the essay, we have to have 3 points on why the myth is important to the study of Greek Mythology and why. I have 2 points: It tells us what the Greeks taught using stories, and what the Greeks thought of ignorance. I NEED A THIRD! Please, please help me out. I have read the story a million times and can come up with nothing. I need your help...Thank you soooo much!

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  1. misreporting says:

    Echo delayed Hera with incessant talking to keep her from catching Zeus with another nymph. For this transgression, Hera, queen of Olympus, cursed Echo to be unable to speak, except for repeating a few words of others.When she the young man Narkissos n he was so beautiful that she became enamoured. He spurned her because she only repeated what he said. Eventually, she faded away, leaving only her voice behind. This is why we hear an echo when we shout.Narkissos later bent to drink from a small lake in the forest and saw his own reflection for the first time. He fell in love with the beauty he saw there. So in love that he stayed there gazing at his reflection until he became the flower we know as the narcissus.So, this myth tells us how the Greeks viewed pride, gossip, and attempting to hide the truth.

  2. abridgedly says:

    it tells what they though of pride, and what they thougof those who try to defy a god/destiny.

  3. lochus says:

    aural effect]] which was named after her.Then, Narcissus “tired from both his enthusiasm for hunting and from the heat” rests by a spring, and whilst drinking, “a new thirst grows inside him” and he is “captivated by the image of the beauty he has seen” and falls deeply in love with “all the things for which he himself is admired.” He then wastes away with love for himself, echoing the manner in which Echo did earlier on. A while later his body is gone, and in its place is a narcissus flower that came upon his actions.

  4. vicugna says:

    This poem is in Book III of the Metamorphoses, and tells the story of a “talkative nymph” who “yet a chatterbox, had no other use of speech th many.” She falls in love with Narcissus, whom she catches sight of when he is “chasing frigened deer into his nets.” Eventually, after “burning with a closer flame,” Echo’s presence is revealed to Narcissus, who, after a comic yet tragic scene, rejects her love. Echo wastes away, until she “remains a voice” and “is heard ho