I have to write an Essay to be a Drum Major. Is this good?

Ever since I saw the 7th grade spring concert last year, and saw (insert name) conducting the band, I knew I wanted to be a Drum Major. Even though it’s going to take a lot of hard work, I was still determined. Being in the band made my love for music even higher then it already was. I always look forward to 2nd hour, which is band. Every time I play my flute, I just feel wonderful inside. Sometimes it can be frustrating when I can’t play a certain music, note, etc, but I certainly don’t give up. I love listening to the sound of all the instruments when they are played. Especially when the band is on the stage playing for all the people below us. I want to be the next (insert school) Drum Major because I know I will be a good leader; I will be very responsible for my actions; I won’t slack off; I will practice everyday. I will give everything one hundred and ten percent. I want the 6th graders to think "Wow, I want to be that girl, I want to be a Drum Major like her." like how I was when I was in 6th grade. I,(insert my name), hope to be picked to be the next (insert school) Drum Major, because I won’t let the band, (insert band directors name) and (insert band directors name) down.is this long enough? good enough? edit? to corny?

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  1. tsao says:

    I’m in music school to be a music educator and these are the type of essays we are taught to disregard. . . The essays that us band directors look for are completely different and I’m going to tell you what you need and what should be deleted. 1. Loving your instrument and promising practice hours is a giant red flag to just trash the essay. Reason? It’s saying you’re happier as a flute player than you will be a drum major. It’s the students who are dedicated to playing and practicing that we want to keep on the field and in the band, not out of it. 2. Drum majors rarely ever play. They lead the band, they conduct and they assist the director with marching footing/drill, choreography and song selection. You need to explain your knowledge of conducting (if you dont know conducting patterns, google it ) and include that. 3. If you are tall include that, use it to your advantage because your band needs to be able to see you. Also tell your band director that you can project your voice because you’ll also need to be heard as well. 4. You also need to state that you want this to improve the band. Say that there will be people jealous of you, dislike you and what not, but you have the ability to not care what people think of you. the people who write that they are a loving individual, gets stepped on and they crack from the pressure.5. tell your director of your knowledge of other instruments and ability to learn parts. You’ll have to memorize the score to your pieces and have to know exactly where the trumpets come in and where the percussionists have an interlude. Talk about your ability to memorize.6. Remind your directors there’s a lot of flute players and missing one for a season isn’t going to be a big deal. band directors have to chose carefully because if they are losing an instrument there is only one of…most likely they wont chose the person with the odd ball instrument to be drum major because they can’t afford to lose the sound.what you have now is going to be exactly like everyone elses. Rode it completely and incorperate what i said and it’ll wow your directors. Best of luck and let me know what you think