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Frankenstein Author: Mary ShelleyIntroduction Robert Walton Has Left His Hometown (Geneva Switzerland) To Go And Explorer Petersburg On A Boat With Whale- Fishers. So To Keep In Touch With His Family He Wrote To His Sister Mrs. Saville Also known As Margaret.He Would Write How He Is doing And What Happened That Day Or Anything. Beginning As He Was Writing To His Sister At 2 o'clock In The Morning On The Boat, He Could Barely See Anything Because There Was Mist Everywhere And When The Mist Finally Cleared Up All They Saw Was Plains Of Ice. They Had No Where To Go They Were Blocked In. So They Just Waited Until night fall Then The Ice Broke And Their Ship Was Free! After That Robert Went On The Deck And The Other Sailors Were Talking To Someone In The Sea, And Debating On Weather To Let Him On The Ship Or Not. They Decided To Let Him On. Robert Didn’t Feel To Good About This Strange Man Coming On The Boat. This Is What Had Been Wrote To Margret.Roberts Father Had A Dear Friend His Name Was Beaufort And Beautfort Had A Daughter Named Caroline. Robert And His Father Both Cared About Caroline. But One Day Beautfort Died And Caroline Was Torne Apart So My Dad Took Her In His Care. But Roberts Father Was Much Older Than Her. 2 Years Later They Got Married. Then They Had A Kid Named Elizabeth. Now That Was His Sister. They Were No More Than 1 Year Apart. MiddleRobert Wanted To Create His Own Human Being. He Decided That This Being Should Be 8 Feet In Height, And With A Similar Body. It Was A Stormy November Evening At One O-clock In The Morning When He Made His Human Being. He Saw The Dull Yellow Eye Of The Creature Open. He Heard It Breathe Hard, And It Moved A little. He Wanted His Man To Be Beautiful. But This Man Had Stretched Out Skin Over His Jaws And Cheekbones. He Had Long Black Hair and White Teeth Like Pearls. He Felt Sick So He Went On His Bed Then He Had Fell Asleep. When He Woke Up He Had A Bad Dream. But When He Looked Up The Light Was Shining Right On The Monster He Had Created. The Monster Was Looking Dead At Him His Jaw Opened And The Monster Muttered Some Sounds. And He Made A Grin With His Cheekbones All Stretched out. He put His Arm Out At Robert And He Was In Terror. He Ran Downstairs And Was Running down The Street In The Rain. He Wound His So Called Sister Elizabeth And They Were With Each Other Until She Had To Go So He Went Back In His Apartment And Was Scared To Open The Door But He Did There Was No Monster There Anymore. He Was So Happy But Scared At The Same Time Because It Had Escaped. Then He Called it Frankenstein. Then Months After That People In His Family Started To Die And They Were Blaming It On Their Family. But Those People Were Innocent. But The Person That Was Killing Everyone Was You Know Who Frankenstein. EndEveryone Was Now Trying To Find This Monster Because He Was Killing Everyone. He Thought No One Loved Him Or Cared About Him At All. They Were Looking Everywhere They Went To A Lake And Found Him. They Chained Him Up In A Boat And He Jumped out Of The Cabin Window And Jumped on A Iceberg. Then He Floated Away And A Wave Came And Hit Him Then He Was Never To Be Seen Again After That Happened. That The Story Of Frankenstein.

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