Expectations of high school and college teachers?

Hi everyone, I'm doing an essay on the similarities and differences between the expectations of high school teachers and college professors. for similarities i have that they both expect time management and responsibility from their students. For differences I wanted to put maturity because high school students and less mature than college students, and teachers expectations are different. i know that in high school teachers are expecting maturity from their students but i dont think its comparable as how college prof. expect their students to be. i'm stuck on another difference. any help?thank you. will pick best answer

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  1. GINNY says:

    High school teachers expect that you get your work done, but college prof expect that you put extra effort because you want to be there its not required and they dont hunt you down for work or make you come to class because it it your responsibility now its not up to the teacher to find out where you are or where your work is. You have to be responsible for doing your work, showing up, and asking for help. they are not as personal with you in college. they know you and a name and a grade not as a person. in h.s a teacher will approach you and say, ” i noticed your not getting these math problem do you need help?” and in college they just give you your paper and leave it up to you to reach out and get help